Dino lee and esther wu dating

May also occur after or during a Close-Call Haircut.

If it's involuntary, it's likely a Traumatic Haircut.

After an earthquake destroys Yue Qin's house, she and her father move in with the family of her father's college buddy, Uncle Ah Li.

Or, will her love for him end under his cold words?

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See also Beard of Sorrow, Dye or Die, Expository Hairstyles, and Fanservice Pack.

In Kim Shin, Eun Tak finds a salvation from her miserable home and school life and in her, he finds his chance to die.

Unfortunately, now that he is not alone, he is not sure he is ready for his time to end.

May result in the Magnet invoking Love You and Everybody if the Magnet doesn't want to break their hearts, or lose any of them if/when they finally choose the person they really love.

Cranking this magnetism up results in Even the Guys Want Him/Even the Girls Want Her. Fanservice for characters designed to be a magnet for real-world people.

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