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During the teenage and afterwards, members of opposite sex undergo different types of relationships that may or may not culminate in marriage.

Attaining puberty leads to a renewed interest in the opposite sex and both boys and girls start to see members of the opposite sex more often than before when boys confine themselves to boys and girls to girl groups.

It is when going out becomes frequent, and the boy and girl develop a relationship that using the word dating looks more appropriate. So I stood there surrounded by perfectly friendly people, pretending to talk on my phone because I was so embarrassed to be alone and too petrified to approach. ” They laugh and one of the girls claims to be the leader. So I took out my cellphone and pretend to talk to someone. ” She’s polite and we chat for a minute, then I move on. Fast forward a few years; I’m alone, and I like it this way–Nobody to steal my thunder or mess up my game. I say something really simple like, “Hey how is your night?

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