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Teen chat is a good way to talk to ppl from different place. shoot i've been comin to teen chat for years and years now and i've gotta hand it to em they flat out know how to keep things interesting round here. I've met some pretty kickarse people, but to top it all off, i finally found a family i belong in! Teen Chat is a great way to meet new people and make friends.

Thanks to Teen chat ive made friends with some really lovely girls from America and met them when they came downunder for holidays. if you don't love it you ain't in the right room thats all there is to it. Christina, Nat, Mandi, J, Joe, Dava, Candice, Ash, Liz, Jake, and now Marty I Hey! This is a fantastic site, honestly met some really amazing people on here, and no so amazing. In real life, I'm pretty shy, but here I can just be myself and find people with similar interests.

x x I Love Coming Here And Just Chatting 2 Everyone And Getting To Know People.

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