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This method is usually restricted to fruits, though some vegetables can be preserved in this way.Foods pickled with salt are usually covered with a brine solution of the proper strength to allow fermentation to set in.His home village is in what is now Bosnia though when he was born, no such nation existed.Instead, the west Balkans was a mosaic of land parcels mostly divided between foreign empires.Whole cucumber dills and sweet gherkins are prepared by this method.

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No matter which date is accepted (June 13, June 25, July 13 or July 25), Princip was 19 when he shot the Archduke.

The Princip family were at the bottom of the pecking order.

They survived like medieval serfs, obliged to give almost all their meagre farming earnings to overlords.

Muddled theories, often as batty as they are unverifiable, have circulated ever since Princip fired his Browning 9mm pistol on June 28, 1914: he was working for the Freemasons, an agent of the Russian secret service, a diehard Serbian nationalist, an unwitting puppet of German warmongers.

Even the most famous photograph of Princip, showing him ‘‘under arrest’’ after the assassination, is problematic.

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