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And they will be depicted as being stingy misers who would rather die than pay a dime. The Dutch They are some of the most stingy persons you will ever encounter.

Expect them also to be environmental activists, fanatical supporters of healthy food, preachy Moral Guardians etc.

*I don't own any of the characters* Please review after you read it :) Story to continue...

Begins with Season 9's "Sleepless in Miami." Calleigh worries about Natalia when she disappears from the psychic's office. *I do not own any characters or the initial story line* Please review when finished reading :) Having found each other, Sentinel Ziva and Guide Natalia, along with Calleigh and Abby, further navigate the intricacies of their newly formed relationships while trying to determine exactly what city they'll settle in as their territory.

The latter typically portray themselves as whatever kind of doofus works best, and are usually reviled for it by other Turk-descended German citizens.

The Scottish Much like the Irish, they are portrayed as drunk and violent, with emphasis on violent.

a mock democracy run by a clique of corrupt generals).

If you're male, it's assumed that you use steroids, and if you're female, it's assumed that you're a slut. It's still relatively common to see portrayals of non-Russian Slavs, particularly the Balkan Slavs (and people who aren't Slavs but get lumped with them anyway, such as the Romanians or Greeks) as uncultured thugs and savages keen on getting revenge on their "ancient enemies" i.e. There's also depictions of them as cunning tricksters who might outwardly accept (Western) civilization, but actually just exploit it for their own gains (e.g.He has absolutely no taste whatsoever." Even before that, they were stereotyped as thieves, plunderers, and rogues, and the phrase "You cheating Arab!" (now confined to period pieces and racist grandparents) was a British idiom for someone having an unreasonable run of good luck at a game of chance.The association of Muslims with terrorists started in the 1970s, and other bad news coming out of the Middle East (Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, the fatwa against Salman Rushdie,...) only made these ideas more widespread.Combine this with the rise of Muslim immigrants in Western countries around the same time and its becomes more clear why both the jokes themselves and the caution to make them have risen.

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